Downton Abbey inspired Tea Party Wedding Gown in Pearl by Nataya

It’s impossible to watch the British television program Downton Abbey without being captivated and transported by the breathtaking gowns and dresses. The show was a cultural phenomenon that put a spotlight on Edwardian Era and early 1920s fashion. Even brides who wanted romantic, timeless weddings started searching for 1920s vintage wedding dresses that mimicked the styles worn by the always-elegant Crawley sisters. 

Downton Abbey inspired Tea Party Wedding Gown in Pearl by Nataya - style 40163 is a breathtaking vintage-inspired style that brings the radiance, refinement, and careful attention to detail from 1920s fashion into the modern era. On this installation of Beauty Deconstructed, we’ll be examining all of the thoughtful, breathtaking details that make this gown a celebration of vintage-inspired style. 

Read on and watch the video below to learn more about this bestselling style. 

 Filled With Dynamic Details 


The beauty of this dress begins at the neckline, which features a unique double-round design. This allows the dress to retain a sense of modesty that was of the utmost importance in the Edwardian Era. 100% unique and developed in-house by Nataya, it is further accented by charming hand-embroidered scalloped edges. The openness of the neckline means it elevates the appearance of any vintage-inspired necklace. 



Curved Lace Applique

The curved lace is a testament to Nataya’s craftsmanship and passionate attention to detail. This feature will give you a beautiful elongated bodice, creating a striking Downton Abbey-esque outward appearance.

The underlay of the dress is made from a crepe fabric - a lightweight fabric that has enough structure to keep the wearer comfortable. This underlayer is then paired with an ethereal tulle overlay, which comes to life thanks to exquisite details like cascading custom chain-stitch embroidery. 



The sleeves are another detail that was carefully considered. Made from a luxurious sheer fabric, they are exceptionally lightweight but also maintain a striking sense of modesty and comfort. They are accented by custom-designed embroidery and feature a flattering ¾ length cut so that your delicate wrists and hands always remain on display. 



Empire Waist

A “Modified Empire” silhouette is the cornerstone of this exceptionally figure-flattering design. With a seam located at a woman’s natural waist, it accents the bust while also flattening the stomach and lengthening the look. Essentially, it combines the best parts of an Empire Waistline with the best parts of an A-line silhouette. A bit of extra volume near the hemline adds extra drama to this inherently understated style. 


Peekaboo Embroidery

Finally, you’ll also find a bit of peekaboo embroidery located at the bottom of the dress. Not only does this detail tie the entire look together, but it also ensures that the eye of the onlooker travels down the entirety of the dress when taking it in. By including this thoughtful detail, the look of the dress is elevated and the wearer appears even more refined. 



Bringing Downton Abbey Dresses Into Your Life

If you’ve ever dreamed of playing Downton Abbey dress up, this piece from Nataya will turn your fantasy into a reality. 1920s dress styles are coming back in vogue, making them perfectly appropriate for any upscale event on your social calendar. Or, host a charming garden party of your own so that you and all of your friends can channel the elegance of a bygone era. 

This style is also an excellent option for 2021 or 2022 brides looking for vintage-inspired bridal gowns. It’s an inherently romantic style that will look captivating when you walk down the aisle. Although exquisite, luxurious, and crafted with careful attention to detail, this tea length wedding dress also possesses an understated elegance that will allow brides to relax and enjoy every minute of their wedding day. The figure-flattering silhouette also makes it an excellent option for a vintage plus size wedding dress. 

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