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What is a V-Neckline and how does it look over a Scoop Neckline?

  As in all designs, beauty often lives within the details. In many Nataya dresses, adelicate, sheer overlay with a V-neckline is expertly paired with a lining thatfeatures a Scoop (or U-shaped) neckline. Pairing these necklines together ismeant to soften a garment’s overall appearance and enhance the wearer’snatural beauty. Together, the juxtaposition of these dissimilar necklines creates adelightful contrast, resulting in an effortless sophistication that has becomeNataya’s signature. Appropriately named, V-necklines are formed when two diagonal lines cometogether in the center of the bodice to create a “V” shape. This feminine cut hasbeen used in gowns for centuries and is still incredibly popular. This flattering cutelongates the neck, subtly highlights the bustline, and ensures that the garmentas a whole is...

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Dress of this week by Inga Nataya

I always dreamed of having an outstanding dressy dress that is both beautiful and not demanding, something you can dance your heart out in and look lady-like appropriate.  Although you can still put your ensemble together as you customarily would with little pumps and perfectly layered hairstyle, you can be confident, this beautiful double A-line 1917 inspired number will put your spirit at ease and let you freely explore your most graceful moves. Now, about a V, I am a very circular person and a designer, I love curls and frills, round shapes and curvy lines, but this dress rather exploits a triangle, and not a circle, a figure that meant to bring three separate entities into one shape, in...

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