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When it comes to the careful construction of garments, a dress is most becoming when it emphasizes a woman’s natural waistline. In dressmaking, creating gowns with a natural waistline ensures that it is universally flattering and celebrates the beauty of the woman who wears it. Nataya gowns beautifully embrace this technique, which dates back centuries, giving each artistic dress an even more figure-flattering appearance. 

A woman’s natural waistline is situated between her ribcage and her hips. This is the thinnest point of a woman’s torso and an important component when it comes to the contribution of a classically feminine hourglass figure. When the seam that connects the bodice of a dress to its skirt is positioned at a woman’s natural waist, an exceptionally stunning hourglass effect is successfully achieved. This is not only due to the fact that the smallest part of the woman’s body is highlighted, but also because the curves of her bustline and hips are accentuated as well. 

A woman’s waistline has long been a stylish focal point, as garments throughout history have been known to emphasize this portion of the feminine physique. In the Victorian Era, stiff and tightly bound corsets were worn to make this part of a woman’s body much smaller and more apparent. These corsets were often accompanied by voluminous skirts that featured pleats, gathers, and flounces, all which made a woman’s hips appear more prominent and, in turn, her waistline seem that much daintier. 

Natural waistline dress

This figure-flattering cut was revitalized and re-introduced to society by French fashion houses in the post-war era. In 1947, Dior’s iconic “new look” completely changed the course of fashion and defined how women would dress for decades to come. The garments within that collection featured full A-line skirts, strong shoulders, and all featured natural waistlines that were nipped in for added emphasis. Although these dresses were far more comfortable and contemporary than the corsets of yesteryear, the hourglass silhouette created was a very familiar one. 

To achieve a flawless head-to-toe look that is steeped in poetic beauty, Nataya dresses are carefully and intricately designed to accentuate a woman’s natural waistline without detracting from the exquisite look of the gown as a whole. Typically, the seam at the natural waistline is hidden from sight, concealed by lace, hand-crafted scalloping, embroidery, or a combination thereof. When the methods used to construct a dress are covered, the result is a garment that is nothing short of an artistic masterpiece. 

Expertly designed, the natural waistline of a garment is sometimes altered slightly to enhance the overall appearance of the dress. On some Nataya dresses, the seam at the natural waistline is elevated ever so slightly so that the skirt is deliberately lengthened. This minuscule touch maintains a figure-flattering, hourglass-enhancing appearance while also effectively lengthening a woman’s overall silhouette. These careful construction techniques result in dresses that are veritable celebrations of the women who wear them. 

Nataya Tara AL-254 Sapphire Waistline Dress

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