Add a softness to any garment with a round neckline

round neckline

Perhaps incidentally, curved necklines add a softness to any garment, making it undeniably ladylike in nature. Using Romance and femininity to inspire design, Nataya’s collection of exquisite gowns are brought to life when adorned by a round neckline. The graceful curvature of a delicately scooped neckline perfectly enhances every woman’s silhouette and provides her with a beautifully sensual overall appearance.

Round Neckline Dresses

Nearly a perfect ½ circle, a rounded neckline exposes the most amount of skin possible without sacrificing the wearer’s modesty or detracting from the gown’s indelible appearance. A scoop, that effortlessly and with grace, stops right above the bustline highlights the wearer’s collar bone, bust-line and the décolletage. This denotes that the elegance of a gown is not defined by the amount of skin revealed but by the way it highlights the wearer’s natural grace and beauty.

On Nataya dresses, round necklines are featured both on the crepe lining and the elegant, embroidered overlay. The lining’s round neckline serves as a comfortable and sophisticated base layer, ensuring that the wearer always feels comfortable and cared for when wearing these exceptional gowns. This base layer is then perfectly complemented by a scalloped round neckline on the overlay – a combination that creates the elusive congruence that is, as if by magic, kind to the eye. Many Nataya necklines are found with an overlay featuring embroidery or scalloping, but the soft scoop is always distinctive.

Thoughtfully designed, Nataya gowns with round necklines are meant to evoke a flattering, Renaissance-inspired mein. This delicate detail is inherently feminine and meant to provide the wearer with an unmistakable look that is vintage in design but timeless in its sensibilities.

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