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Add a softness to any garment with a round neckline

Perhaps incidentally, curved necklines add a softness to any garment, making it undeniably ladylike in nature. Using Romance and femininity to inspire design, Nataya’s collection of exquisite gowns are brought to life when adorned by a round neckline. The graceful curvature of a delicately scooped neckline perfectly enhances every woman’s silhouette and provides her with a beautifully sensual overall appearance. Nearly a perfect ½ circle, a rounded neckline exposes the most amount of skin possible without sacrificing the wearer’s modesty or detracting from the gown’s indelible appearance. A scoop, that effortlessly and with grace, stops right above the bustline highlights the wearer’s collar bone, bust-line and the décolletage. This denotes that the elegance of a gown is not defined by...

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