Edwardian style with an Empire Waistline


Gowns that include an Empire Waistline almost always exude an old-world elegance that is demure, feminine, and delicately decorous all at once. Gowns of this nature include a seam that falls directly under the bustline. The result is a soft, ladylike silhouette that creates the appearance of a long leg line while also bringing attention to the soft curves of a woman’s bust and the slightly bowed slope of her shoulders.

Empire Waistline dress

 Empire Waistlines are utilized very infrequently by modern designers, and for good reason. The placement of the seam has to be carefully positioned to ensure that the resulting garment does not detract from a woman’s feminine figure or add volume to her overall shape. While incredibly challenging to execute, when done correctly it creates a silhouette that is decidedly elegant and undeniably attractive.

This waistline frequently adorns Nataya gowns because it is arguably the most romantic way to construct a gown. Gowns that feature this uncommon design element naturally evoke an emotional response thanks to the silhouette’s deep roots within our collective cultural consciousness. This waistline is reminiscent of iconic Greco-Roman paintings, which depict women adorned in tunics that flow gracefully and organically to the floor and that have been cinched under the bust by a belt or tie. Similarly, portraits of Napoleon’s first Empress Josephine De Beauharnais – a revered icon and the beloved French patroness of roses – exclusively portray her wearing garments that feature Empire Waistlines. These exquisite artistic depictions and poetic portraits ensure that when gazing upon a gown with such a waistline, one is reminded of fleeting passionate encounters and the romantic nature of bygone eras.

There is a certain finesse required to perfectly execute an Empire Waistline, and each Nataya dress has been carefully designed with attention to detail that is nothing short of exemplary. Often, the seam encircles the ribcage and forms a reversed “V” shape. This slight yet indulgent detail is meant to accentuate a woman’s waistline and bustline simultaneously. The attached skirt is then crafted by combining multiple layers of differing lengths to create a tiered effect, which adds visual interest and creates the illusion of a long, lithe leg-line.

Refined and sophisticated, Victorian-style gowns from the Nataya collection that include an Empire Waistline are also thoughtfully ornamented with exquisite details that complement and enhance the garment’s overall appearance. Appliques, scalloping, and embroidery are placed at the location of the waistline to create a mélange of beautiful textures that highlight the exquisitely designed bustline. These details are then complemented by contrasting embellishments at the hemline, which not only add an additional aspect to the design but also effectively elongate the silhouette of the woman wearing it.

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