A chic and flattering look with an Off-shoulder neckline

Off-shoulder neckline dress

Always sensual, Nataya gowns that feature off-the-shoulder necklines are nothing short of marvelous. With a soft, flattering look that is steeped in romance and refinement, this incredibly chic neckline creates a look that is flirtatious, feminine, and unforgettable. 

This neckline is created when a dress includes sleeves that hang off the shoulder sides as if to insinuate casual effortlessness. Straps that define the neckline and keep the gown in place are also part of this ensemble on many Nataya off-the-shoulder gowns. Modern interpretations of this neckline are referred to as “cold shoulder” necklines, however, this elegant design detail was first introduced many decades ago.

A chic and flattering look with an Off-shoulder neckline dress

Its recent resurgence in popularity, however, should come as no surprise. There is a certain coquettish beauty evoked by this daring neckline. It allows a woman to show off her neck, shoulders, and bustline while also never revealing too much of her body. Tremendously flattering, it exposes skin without sacrificing a wholesome, feminine appearance, which was incredibly important during the Edwardian era.

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