Get that Edwardian look with a Bustier or Corset Neckline.

Bustier neckline


A Bustier or Corset Neckline resembles a sweetheart neckline yet is slightly softer in appearance. Here, the heart shape has been deconstructed slightly to produce a modified sweetheart neckline. By doing so, all of the figure-flattering advantages of a traditional sweetheart neckline are maintained, however, the shape is less dramatic and often less revealing in nature.

With a distinctly ladylike look, Nataya gowns that feature this neckline include a slightly curved neckline that runs across the bust and imitates the line of a traditional corset. This ensures that the look of the gown is authentically vintage and maintains a feminine allure.


Bustier or Corset Neckline.


Gowns with Bustier Necklines are often paired with sheer overlays that feature a slightly rounded V-neckline or Mandarin neckline. The transparent nature of the overlay ensures that the bustier neckline is always on display, but its inclusion makes this neckline slightly more wearable. When paired with a V-neckline or Mandarin neckline, the wearer is able to reveal just enough skin to enhance the enticing look of the bustier neckline underneath without sacrificing any modicum of modesty or comfort.

Combining layers and necklines together creates a pleasing contrast. Each combination is thoughtfully considered and paired together to create an enchanting look that could never be achieved through the use of one neckline alone. The layers are similar to that of brushstrokes on an oil painting – although diminutive on their own, they combine to create a Nataya gown that is magnificent, captivating, and evokes the inimitable elegance of bygone eras.

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