Get that Victorian look with a Basque Waistline


The Nataya collection is teeming with gowns that display an immaculate sense of beauty and exquisite, romantic details. While every gown from Nataya features these exceptional elements, this is especially true of gowns that include a Basque Waistline. This seemingly minuscule detail completely alters the look of a gown and gives it a dreamy essence that is simply undeniable. 

Basque Waistlines are elegant, feminine, and a delightfully uncommon detail that is difficult to find on many modern garments. This curved waistline begins near a woman’s natural waistline but dips down to create a V-point in the center front. This carefully contoured seam is flattering for several reasons - Not only does it lengthen the appearance of a woman’s torso by making the bodice more prominent, but it also brings attention to the curves of a woman’s hip, which assist in the composition of her feminine hourglass figure. 

Basque Waistlines are elegant, feminine, and a delightfully uncommon detail that is difficult to find on many modern garments.

Today, this waistline can be found on many different types of apparel, but most commonly, on incredibly formal garments like ball gowns. In the Victorian Era, however, Basque Waistlines were incredibly common. Victorian gowns with structured corsets and billowing A-line skirts sought to exaggerate the appearance of a woman’s hourglass. It makes sense, then, that this waistline would have been prominent in garments that hail from this era, as they further enhance this visual illusion. 

On Nataya gowns, Basque Waistlines are included, although they are designed with a slightly more delicate touch. The designer frequently utilizes intricate needlework or elaborate embellishments to create the appearance of a Basque Waistline. On many of these impressive gowns, the mere illusion of this design detail is enough to achieve a figure-flattering look that exudes undeniable charm, romance, and an antique sense of refinement.  

With that said, when a true Basque Waistline is included on one of Nataya’s impeccably designed garments, it is done so with careful consideration, incredible craftsmanship, and authentic Victorian procedures. To accurately emphasize the presence of this whimsical detail, elaborate embellishments and embroidery are added to the bodice so that the center of the bustier is the garment’s true focal point. By ensuring that the eye of an onlooker is drawn to the center of the dress, the woman wearing the gown appears slender, lithe, and willowy as a result.


Vivian Nataya Dress in olive

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