What is a V-Neckline and how does it look over a Scoop Neckline?


As in all designs, beauty often lives within the details. In many Nataya dresses, a
delicate, sheer overlay with a V-neckline is expertly paired with a lining that
features a Scoop (or U-shaped) neckline. Pairing these necklines together is
meant to soften a garment’s overall appearance and enhance the wearer’s
natural beauty. Together, the juxtaposition of these dissimilar necklines creates a
delightful contrast, resulting in an effortless sophistication that has become
Nataya’s signature.

Appropriately named, V-necklines are formed when two diagonal lines come
together in the center of the bodice to create a “V” shape. This feminine cut has
been used in gowns for centuries and is still incredibly popular. This flattering cut
elongates the neck, subtly highlights the bustline, and ensures that the garment
as a whole is graceful and refined.

Underneath, the lining features a scooped neckline that contrasts beautifully with
the embellished outer layer. The gradual slope of this soft, crew-neckline
effectively softens the look of the overlay’s more dramatic neckline while still
emphasizing the intricate embellishments included upon the garment’s outer
layer. The gradual dip of the scoop neckline is modest and truly complements the
natural shape of a woman’s bustline. Incredibly feminine, the shape is similar in
some ways to the V-neckline, providing a visual depth that is exceptionally
pleasing to the eye.

The U-shape is a fundamental design element of the lining on nearly all Nataya
gowns. Low enough to be romantic yet modest enough to be comfortable, a
scoop neckline ensures that no matter the neckline of the outer layer, the gown’s
core will maintain the graceful sophistication present.
Although this design detail is a slight departure from traditional, historically-
accurate vintage garments, the designer has purposely included this thoughtful
contrast within her designs. Vintage garments were exquisite, detailed, and
exceptionally gorgeous. The comfort of the woman wearing the gown, however,
was rarely taken into consideration.

Designing vintage clothing for a contemporary audience requires finding the
delicate balance between maintaining vintage design elements and ensuring they
are practical enough for a modern woman to enjoy wearing. Nataya gowns
adhere to the exquisite beauty of garments from bygone eras, but they are
designed to ensure the wearer is as comfortable as she is elegant. By pairing a V-
neckline and Scoop neckline together, a unique and special vintage-inspired look
is precisely achieved.

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