Fitted or Semi fitted silhouette


A fitted or semi-fitted silhouette is one that will never truly go out of style. Stylish and surprisingly comfortable, these unstructured gowns perfectly highlight every woman’s natural shape. It takes a bit of confidence to wear a fitted silhouette gown, so when a woman arrives at a party or event wearing a dress in this style she’s sure to capture everyone’s attention. 


Although dynamic in design, fitted or semi-fitted silhouettes are surprisingly uncomplicated. Where other dresses may have a definite waistline that hits either below the bustline or highlights a woman’s natural curves, this type of dress is devoid of any harsh waistline at all. Instead, it falls plainly and follows the body’s natural contours. This type of dress is defined by a woman’s figure rather than the other way around. It puts a woman’s body “on display” making it quite unforgiving in nature but simply breathtaking when it properly showcases the body. 


Semi-fitted silhouettes have long been a favorite of regal women. Also sometimes referred to as a “sheath” style dress, unstructured garments with long lines first rose to popularity in ancient Egypt. It’s not uncommon to see artwork from this time period that features women wearing long, unstructured tube dresses with simple straps.  

A fitted or semi-fitted silhouette

In the late 19th century, semi-fitted silhouettes once again rose to popularity. The dresses that were popular during this time period featured flattering, vertical “princess” seams that offered a tight, fitted look. A fitted silhouette dress was often accompanied by close-fitting undergarments so that women could maintain a flawless figure at all times. 

In the 1920s and 1930s, unstructured styles were once again in vogue. These dresses offered a beautiful contrast against flowing, Grecian style dresses that were popular at the turn of the 20th century. Lightweight dresses with semi-fitted silhouettes and a lack of inherent structure became popular among women who wanted something that was as feminine as it was comfortable. 

A Modern Take on a Classic Silhouette

The 201 Dress from Nataya is the perfect example of how a fitted or semi-fitted silhouette can create a long, elegant look that is effortless in design. Because a fitted silhouette can be notoriously difficult to wear, the designer has included a slight, modified A-line skirt for added ease. A subtle underlayer that features a trumpet silhouette also adds to the appeal of this fabulous frock. 

Although fitted dresses are not for everyone, they have an unforgettable essence that is undeniably chic. To make a statement and show off your body in a way that is modest, refined, and incredibly ladylike, look for an unstructured dress with vertical princess seams and a vintage-inspired sense of style. 


Nataya Victoria Sand Gown Dress

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