Square Neckline

There are some design gestures that could add a refined elegance to a gown. A square neckline, while rigid in structure, is one such gesture. This neckline evokes a vintage glamor that - although rare - truly never goes out of style. Contrary to its name, a “square” neckline is rarely a perfect square. This neckline could be rectangular, so as to elongate the neck, or to otherwise compliment the natural shape of the body, to further accommodate a sensual end result. Essentially, the neckline would include two clearly defined corners that come together at a 90-degree angle around the neck opening of the gown or a dress.

Square Neckline Nataya dresses

Nataya pieces tend to have intricate overlay with clearly defined lines and an angled shape at the neckline. The rigidity of those lines and angles however is softened by delicate embellishments, hand-finished with embroidery, or exquisite scalloped edges. 

The translucent overlay is then paired with a lining, where the neckline complements and further softens the décolletage of the outer layer. The neckline of the lining is thoughtfully designed to have a slightly more curved shape. Although this detail may seem slight, the juxtaposition of these two dissimilar shapes gives the dress an increased depth. The softer square of the lining’s neckline also imparts a more feminine overall appearance.

Gowns with square necklines always command elegance and exude a vintage vibe like a rose infused perfume or Chanel #5. A lady wearing a Nataya gown with a square neckline is sure to feel sophisticated without ever sacrificing an ounce of her delicate femininity.

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