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Sweetheart Neckline

A sweetheart neckline is a staple in elegant evening wear. This heart-shaped cut perfectly follows the curves of the bustline and effortlessly enhances every woman’s natural figure. The dip in the middle of a sweetheart neckline also lengthens the wearer’s neckline and the symmetrical nature balances out the look of the entire gown.  Universally flattering, it is easy to look exquisite when wearing a sweetheart neckline. On Nataya gowns this gorgeous detail is also used on the inner lining. When the lining features a sweetheart neckline, the entire garment stages the bust line of the wearer, creating an elegantly timeless and flirtatious appearance. When combined with an exquisite transparent overlay, the elegance of the sweetheart neckline is highlighted further.  On...

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Boat Neckline Dress: Modest and yet alluring

A Boat (or Bateau) Neckline manages to do the impossible. This neckline keeps a woman’s chest and décolletage completely covered yet announces all the curves. Expertly designed, this neckline beautifully elevates the sophisticated elegance of Nataya gowns, as it perfectly showcase’s the wearers natural beauty. A boat neckline extends from shoulder to shoulder and includes just enough of a curvature to accommodate the natural curve of a woman’s neck. This creates a defined shoulder line and reveals only a sliver of skin throughout the opening. This neckline is modest yet alluring. Its shape also effectively outlines the silhouette and brings attention to the soft lines of a woman’s neck rather than her bustline. On Nataya gowns, an exquisite, transparent overlay...

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