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Boat Neckline Dress: Modest and yet alluring

A Boat (or Bateau) Neckline manages to do the impossible. This neckline keeps a woman’s chest and décolletage completely covered yet announces all the curves. Expertly designed, this neckline beautifully elevates the sophisticated elegance of Nataya gowns, as it perfectly showcase’s the wearers natural beauty. A boat neckline extends from shoulder to shoulder and includes just enough of a curvature to accommodate the natural curve of a woman’s neck. This creates a defined shoulder line and reveals only a sliver of skin throughout the opening. This neckline is modest yet alluring. Its shape also effectively outlines the silhouette and brings attention to the soft lines of a woman’s neck rather than her bustline. On Nataya gowns, an exquisite, transparent overlay...

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