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Alice Vintage Style Dress in Ivory by Nataya
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Harper Vintage Insprired Wedding Dress in Ivory by Nataya
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Breaking the Conventions for the Modern-Day Bride

Every bride has a different dream when it comes to choosing a great wedding dress. Not every bride pictures herself in a conventional/traditional wedding dress. Breaking the norms and trying something unique is what this collection is all about. Our alternative wedding dresses might just be the perfect dress you’re looking to wear on the big day.

Finding a great piece that’s lightweight, looks effortlessly chic, and has a whimsical design that catches your eye may be hard to find. But, with our stunning collection adorned with intricate beading, embroiders, and crocheted accents, you won’t have to worry about anything.

So, if you’re looking for something unconventional to wear while walking down the aisle, an alternative wedding dress is exactly what you need.

Dresses for every size

Plus-size brides wouldn’t have to worry too. Our alternative wedding dresses plus size are here to save your big day.

Choose from a-line dresses, flowing skirts, and empire waistlines that create a flattering silhouette and make you feel super confident in your skin. Every dress in the collection is a treat. From intricate lace patterns to beautiful beading, you have a lot of options to choose from.

Most brides who go for unconventional designs look for relaxed and effortless looks that reflect their personal style, and our collection fits exactly that description.

Non-Traditional Elegant Designs

Non-traditional designs don’t mean they’re not elegant. Every dress in this superb collection carries a story. Paired with the right accessories, or a loose hairstyle, these non-traditional wedding dresses are the perfect answer for any bride focusing on self-expression and individuality.

With unusual textures and a variety of fabrics and materials, these pieces are perfect to wear if you want to become a non-traditional design.

Older brides will too find great styles that they can comfortably wear and enjoy their big day. With features like flowing silhouettes and beautiful designs, these non-traditional wedding dresses for older brides are a treat.

Free Style for the Bohemian Bride

Alternative boho wedding dresses describe unconventional designs for free-spirited brides. All our designs sport a laid-back carefree, and casual aesthetic that’s perfect for you to wear on your wedding day.