Summer Outdoor Wedding Dresses

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Nataya Onegin 40701 Gold Dress
from $275.00 USD
Alice Vintage Style Dress in Ivory by Nataya
from $289.00 USD
Nataya Alice 40815 Vintage Dress in Gold
from $265.00 USD
Nataya Jacqueline AL-241 Turquoise Dress
$194.00 USD
Nataya Onegin 40701 Rose/Gold Dress
from $275.00 USD
Harper Vintage Insprired Wedding Dress in Ivory by Nataya
from $330.00 USD
Nataya Eva AL-282 Vintage Dress
from $254.00 USD
Nataya Gianna AL-235 Sunrise Dress
$184.00 USD
Nataya Stella AL-632 Turquoise Dress
$174.00 USD
Tatianna Vintage Style Party Dress in Jasmin by Nataya
$174.00 USD

Make a Fashion Statement with Summer Dresses

Summer dresses look beautiful, elegant, and colorful. They set the right mood to carry on a beautiful day and attend a wedding, party, or event in a great mood. Our collection of summer wedding dresses is designed to bring a cheerful look for you.

Whether you’re the bride, the mother of the bride or groom, the sister, or the grandmother, we have so many designs for you to choose from. Each dress is designed to turn heads and make a statement.

Summer Fits for the Mother

As the mother of the bride or groom, you’ll be looking for a colorful palate to wear on this cheerful day. Our range of beautiful mother of the bride summer dresses looks elegant and stylish. Plus, they’re super comfortable to wear in the summer heat. So, choose from flatter silhouettes to flow maxi dresses to wear on your daughter’s big day.

Also, for the groom’s mother, we have a wide collection of mother of the groom summer dresses that are a perfect fit of comfort and style.

If you’re looking for an elegant dress to wear to your grandson’s or daughter’s wedding, we’ve got you covered. Our grandmother of the groom dresses for summer wedding are a great choice that’ll keep you comfortable throughout the wedding and fit you effortlessly. 

Comfortable and Chic Summer Dresses

Outdoor summer weddings in the fresh air look like the perfect wedding idea, but you’ll need to wear something comfortable to wear without compromising on your style.

Our wide range of dresses for outdoor summer wedding have a variety of options. From chic midi dresses to full-length ones, the soft fabrics will keep you cool under the sun.

In the evening, you’d want to keep the dress light too. The cool summer breeze passing through the flowing fabric makes you feel super stylish.  You can accessorize these dresses with a sun hat, sunglasses, and kitten heels to make a great fashion statement.

Browse through our beautiful collection of summer outdoor wedding dresses and enjoy the wedding comfortably.